2018 Ribeiro "A Torna Dos Pasas" Luis Rodriguez Vazquez
2018 Ribeiro "A Torna Dos Pasas" Luis Rodriguez Vazquez
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40% Brancellao, 20% Caiño Longo, 20% Caiño Redondo, 20% Ferrol

JosePastor -

"Luis Rodriguez established his bodega in 1988 with the goal of making terruño-driven wines from indigenous grape varieties, grapes like Treixadura and Caiño that were on the verge of extinction at the time.

Luis has slowly accumulated 5 hectares comprised of nearly 100 micro-parcels, mostly located on the steep, southwest-facing, granitic
hillsides of his hometown of Arnoia. Luis makes wine in the same cellar as his grandfather, where he utilizes native yeasts, judicious SO2, and practices élevage in mostly used, larger French oak barrels.

A Torna Dos Pasas Tinto is made from native grapes Brancellao, Caiño Longo, Caiño Redondo, and Ferrol. The grapes are hand-harvested and de-stemmed, fermented spontaneously with native yeasts in steel vat, raised in used 300 liter French oak barrels for 12 months, and bottled unfined and unfiltered. It is a fresh, aromatic, and medium bodied vinho tinto with lush and spicy flavors of red fruits, black pepper, and purple flowers."

The Ribeiro D.O. is an ancient Galician wine region located 45 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, just north of Portugal. Ribeiro had historically produced Spain’s most prestigious white wines, but in the early 20th century oidium, phylloxera, and war devastated the region and Ribeiro’s wines lost favor. Native vines were torn up, and Palomino was widely planted due to its higher yields. Cooperatives took over most of the production. By utilizing a mix of old-fashioned and modern winegrowing methods, Luis
and a few others are responsible for the revitalization of artisanal Ribeiro winegrowing, and Luis’s vinhos tintos are considered to be the standard bearers for Ribeiro."

About this Region

Unique wines from the greenest wine region in Spain. Great terroirs and indigenous varieties for both reds and whites.

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