2020 Bourgogne Aligote 'Sous Le Chemin', "Hors Classe" Buisson-Charles
2020 Bourgogne Aligote 'Sous Le Chemin', "Hors Classe" Buisson-Charles
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"Our Aligotés are planted on the finage of Meursault in the place called "Sous le Chemin". in 2019 the year was so exceptional in terms of maturity that we decided to isolate the oldest part of the vine which was planted in the 1950s. These very fine plants have a natural tendency to turn golden at the end of their ripening cycle and give small, very concentrated, very complex grapes.

Thus on 26 ares we produced 1500 bottles of an Aligoté wine which is borrowed more from the character of the soil of Meursault than from its varietal nature. A wine that we have been able to see evolve imperceptibly from Meursault Aligoté to a real Meursault-Aligoté. An appellation which obviously has no legal existence but which fairly well reflects the idea we have in mind when we imagine a great terroir wine, concentrated and capable of aging harmoniously while improving. We have therefore decided to give it a new accessit which draws its name from the old Burgundian classifications of the 19th century: Hors Classe." google translate from b-c.com

About this Region

French wine is produced all throughout France and traces its history to the 6th century BC, with many of France's regions dating their wine-making history to Roman times.

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